Troop Strength
Normally consisted of any unit of 50 to100 men, commanded by a captain.
10 of these generally made up a regiment. Companies had 4 squads made up of a sergeant or corporal. Most had colorful names and mascots.

Normally made up of 10 companies. About 1,000 men.

The common tactical infantry and cavalry unit of the Civil War. The brigade had 4 to 6 regiments, sometimes less, sometimes more. Operated by the brigade general, the brigade could be commanded by a colonel, dependent on its' size. Brigades were not of equal strength on both sides of the war. The Confederate brigade was said to have greater numbers than the Northern brigade.

The second largest unit of the military in the Civil War. Normally about 12,000 men and in Union armies, commanded by a brigadier or major general. On the Southern side, brigadier generals commanded brigades and major generals commanded divisions.

The word derives from the french word "corps d'armee". Established by General George McClellan in 1862, the unit was composed of two or more divisions. Both sides of the conflict had corps. Most corps were designated by a number and corps had badges, such as a triangle, crescents, arrows and acorns.